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About One Acre Fund:

One Acre Fund provides smallholder farmers the tools and training they need to grow their way out of hunger and poverty. Instead of giving handouts, we invest in farmers to generate a permanent gain in farm income. We supply a complete service bundle of seeds and fertilizer, financing, training, and market facilitation – and we deliver these services within walking distance of the hundreds of thousands of farmers we serve. We measure our success in our ability to make farmers more prosperous and we always put Farmers First. www.oneacrefund.org

Role Summary:

The Warehouse Manager is responsible for all logistics operations at the warehouse and for upholding all policies outlined in the Logistics Global Policy Manual. The Warehouse Manager oversees all receipt, storage, distribution, reconciliation, and security of inventory at the warehouse. The Warehouse Manager is responsible for accurately completing, organizing, storing, and submitting to HQ all warehouse documentation. The Warehouse Manager is responsible for hiring, organizing, paying, and ensuring the security of all staff at the Warehouse.

Specific Duties:

Below is a list of specific duties the Warehouse Manager is expected to conduct to adequately fulfill the job responsibilities.

The position of Warehouse Manager may also be requested to fulfill other tasks not listed here as requested by the Manager to achieve the mission of One Acre Fund.


  • Accurately completing, organizing, storing and submitting all required warehouse transaction documents. (TMS, WH_Receipt, QC_Receiving_Sheet, Stock_Count and Count_Tags, Inventory_Transfer, Repackaging_Receipt, KPI reports)
  • Accurately collecting, organizing, storing and submitting all required documentation from inputs receiving. (Delivery_Note, Orange_Certificate, Phytosanitary_Certificate, MLND_Certificate, Certificate_of_Origin, Waybill)
  • Immediately alerting HQ of any suspected theft, fraud, unexpected disappearance of inputs, or tampering with inputs, regardless of quantity.
  • Ability to facilitate on-site inspection of all warehouse documents at all times by internal or third party auditors
  • Conducting reconciliation processes at the warehouse


  • Overseeing the receiving of all inventory items into the warehouse
  • Conducting the Receiving Q/C Process when required
  • Coordinating Inputs Receiving timelines with HQ
  • Ensuring all inputs are stacked neatly, at all times, in accordance with Global Policy
  • Ensuring all inputs are appropriately segregated by lot/batch and clearly labeled at all times
  • Maintaining a well-organized warehouse layout with allowances for perimeter space, staging areas for truck loading and adequate space between stacks
  • Conducting Monthly Stock Counts in accordance with Global Policy and Stock Count Training
  • Conducting Weekly Stock Counts during Core Input Distribution
  • Maintaining a clean warehouse at all times with no clutter, trash, or spilled inputs on the ground or anywhere within the warehouse
  • Maintaining a clean and well organized office with all required public information on display in an easy to read location at all times
  • Managing all non-inventory items in a good condition and well organized manner
  • Maintaining the security and integrity of all inputs and accepting ultimate responsibility for any damage or loss of any inventory


  • Maintaining protective clothing and gear in good condition and ensuring its availability for all workers at the warehouse
  • Maintaining a safe working environment
  • Proactively addresses any health or safety hazards
  • Ensuring clean and sanitary washing and toilet facilities for all staff


  • Organizing the schedule for all staff, inputs, and trucks to ensure efficient input distribution
  • Coordinating loading and unloading of all trucks and ensuring they can leave the warehouse and arrive at sites on time.
  • Signing for responsibility of all inputs leaving the warehouse and returning to the warehouse
  • Communicating transport requirements with transport company/contact?


  • Organizing casuals to ensure efficient execution of work
  • Conducting team meetings as needed to provide schedule and policy updates
  • Coordinating payment of casuals through lead casual and in accordance with local law
  • Recruiting and hiring necessary number of casuals to complete daily tasks in accordance with Global Policy
  • Hiring only qualified and eligible individuals to perform the role of casual


Work Experience: Broad knowledge of and experience in supply chain and warehouse management required. Previous experience in leadership or managing teams required
Software/Computer Requirements: Proficiency in Microsoft excel required

Language Requirements:

  • Written and spoken proficiency in English required
  • Education: Diploma in Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Business Administration OR
  • Certificate in the same field preferred. Specialized training in procurement or store keeping preferred
  • Physical Requirements: Must be able to spend long hours standing and walking and see clearly
  • Time Commitment to the position: Must be willing to commit 3-4 months to the position.
  • Travel: Willing and able to travel within country periodically as requested by HQ
  • Seasonal Hours – Willing to work long hours, six days a week, during Core Input Distribution
    15 October – 16 November 2018
    As required
  • Character Traits – Demonstrates humility, leadership and ability to accept and apply feedback, task oriented with the ability to stay organized under pressure


You will be entitled to a total monthly compensation of ZMW 2,855, which consists of the following;
Base salary of ZMW 2,000 Per Month, subject to Income Tax (P.A.Y.E.).
Housing allowance of ZMW 600 per month (30% of base salary).
Lunch allowance of ZMW 105 per month.
Transport allowance of ZMW 100 per month.
Airtime allowance of ZMW 50 per month.

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